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Xi'an SR Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in the northern suburb of Xi'an Fengcheng Rd National Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a research, development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Mainly engaged in natural plant extract the active ingredients, purification, refining processing, technology transfer, technical cooperation and other services.



Main Products :Acai berry extract, Maqui berry extract, Yohimbine extract, Lnulin Powder, Maca extract powder, Naringin,Goji extract powder.


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Recently, both China and the United States have listed the categories of products that increase tariffs. Will our products be affe

>Nuciferine —— Help You Lose Weight

Lotusine is an apomorphine alkaloid in lotus leaf, which is the main lipid-lowering active ingredient in lotus leaf. It is dried a


Xi'an SR Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd has been established for seven years.Always provide good Pre-sale service,sale of service and after-sales-service.Companies adhering to the "return to nature and enjoy the green" philosophy,Eagerly look forward to domestic and international colleagues to conduct technical exchanges, cooperation projects, business negotiations, create brilliant tomorrow.