Fruit And Vegetable Extract

In the case of rose hips, rose hip polyphenols are extracts from rose hip plants, and bright red rose hips, also known as rose hips, are fleshy berries that are developed from the rosette after the rose, and belong to a fake fruit. ), the shape of the ellipse is petite. Has the following features:
1. Restoration effect: Rose pectin extracted from rose hip has enhanced tissue function, produces active tissue, easily penetrates the dermis layer, has an excellent effect on cell regeneration, repair and healing, and reconstructs the damaged skin structure.
2. Firming effect: rosehip can promote the regeneration and renewal of skin by promoting the activity of epidermal cells, protect cells from UV damage and neutralize free radicals, help to synthesize collagen, can improve skin wrinkles and relaxation, Enhances the elasticity of the skin to achieve a firming effect on the skin.
3. whitening effect: Vitamin C is one of the first representative additives used in whitening products. It's very secure, but it's very poor. If left unprotected, it will quickly lose its activity in the cream. In order to stabilize it, various methods have been proposed, such as using pectin in a vitamin C-rich rosehip to maintain natural activity until pectin is destroyed when it is applied to the skin. Thereby the melanin can be effectively reduced. Therefore, rose hips have good cosmetic value.
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