Nut Extract

Nut Extract includes Pure Organic Hazelnut Protein Extract Powder, Watermelon Seed Powder, Soapberry Extract, Soapberry Extract and the like.
Sapindus saponin is a natural non-ionic surfactant that reduces the surface tension of water, has rich foam, delicate handfeel, strong detergency, antibacterial, environmental protection, pollution-free, rich foam, dirt removal, antibacterial beauty , soft skin, whitening and freckle, acne, prevention and treatment of skin diseases.
1. Sapindus saponin has strong decontamination ability, easy to degrade, and has no harmful residue. It is easy to rinse, has no peculiar smell, is less irritating to the skin, and can be used for skin cleansing (bathing, washing, washing hands, shampooing). Washing clothes and cars, so it is an excellent raw material for shampoos, cosmetics and various bio-detergents;
2. It has a strong role in reducing surface tension, antibacterial beauty, sterilization and anti-inflammatory, anti-dandruff, itching, acne, whitening, skin disease prevention and other effects on human skin;
3. Sapindus saponin is also a good pesticide emulsifier, which has good killing effect on cotton aphids, red spiders and sweet potato Jinhua worms;
4. Sapindus saponin has various pharmacological effects such as anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-fungal, blood pressure lowering;
5. Sapindus saponin can significantly reduce the volume and concentration of gastric acid, thus having the potential to treat acute gastric ulcer;
6. In addition to the saponin also contains many beneficial substances for the human body, such as: reducing sugar, fatty acids, oils, oleic acid, carotenoids, riboflavin, protein, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and Lai More than 10 kinds of amino acids such as tyrosine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid, glycine and histidine.
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