Sexual Enhancement Ingredients

Maca contains nutrients such as protein and polysaccharides, and natural active ingredients such as alkaloids and glucosinolates. Alkaloids can be further divided into macaene and macaamide. Studies have shown that macaene and macaamide have significant regulatory effects on human hormone secretion, and are the main active components of Pharmacological application of marigold. The glucosinolate is an effective component regulating endocrine. Macaamide, macaene, and glucosinolates are important indicators for evaluating maca extract.
As a natural plant rich in multiple nutrients, Maca has certain curative effects against fatigue, anti-oxidation and improving sexual function. However, the whole product is short-lived, and it has shortcomings such as slow effect and large dosage. The cost has increased. Modern research shows that the active ingredients in maca are mainly macaene, macaamide, glucosinolate, etc. These components are low in maca, so increasing the utilization rate of active ingredients has become the focus of current research. The extraction of active ingredients not only improves the product utilization rate, but also has clear efficacy, significant effect and high safety. Therefore, the preparation of maca extract has become an important part of Maca's development and utilization in the health care products and cosmetics industry. Research on the extraction process of maca has provided a broader prospect for the application of maca.
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