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What Can We Do With Apple Polyphenols? Do You Know That It Can Stop Bad Breath?
Feb 22, 2017



Apple polyphenols are common in apples

with benzene rings and are combined with

multiple hydroxyl chemical constituents. 

Apple polyphenols mainly include flavan-3-ol,

flavonols, hydroxybenzoic acids, dihydro chalcone

anthocyanins and other five categories. Apple 

polyphenols purelight yellow brown powder, 

slightly apple flavor, slightly bitter taste, 

soluble in water and ethanol.

Do you know the application of Apple polyphenols ?

Apple polyphenols can be applied to functional food 

As the apple polyphenols with the prevention of high blood pressure, anti-tumor, anti-aging, anti-mutation, anti-radiation, 

anti-allergy, anti-caries, enhance muscle strength and other health care functions, it can be used for the development 

and production of functional food to meet people's food Health care needs.

Apple polyphenols can be applied to aquatic products

The stench of fish is mainly trimethylamine. In the deodorization test, trimethylamine and apple polyphenol were mixed 

and the amount of volatile trimethylamine was determined by gas chromatography. It was found that with the increase

 of apple polyphenol concentration, the volatile trimethyl The amount of volatile trimethylamine can be reduced by50%

 when the content of apple polyphenols is 200 μg / mL. 

Apple polyphenols can be applied to chewing gum 

Halitosis is caused by a variety of reasons, resulting in the main component of stench gas sulfur-containing amino

 acid produced methyl mercaptan. In the deodorization test, sulfur-containing methionine as the matrix, adding oral 

bacteria containing oral saliva, 37 ℃ role in the production of methyl mercaptan. When the addition of apple

 polyphenol 300μg / mL, the amount of methyl mercaptan production decreased by more than 50%, when the amount 

of 1200μg / mL, the production of methyl mercaptan was completely inhibited. In the human body experiment, in the 

form of chewing gum, chewing without apple polyphenols colloidal, chewing after the mouth of the methyl mercaptan 

content immediately began to increase; chewing with apple polyphenol 0.25% of the gum, after 30min Methylphenol 

began to increase; apple polyphenol content of 0.5%, 60min after mastication began to increase, so the apple polyphenols

 have a good role in the suppression of bad breath can be applied to the production of chewing gum,.



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